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Justin Bieber Twitter War With Jasmine Villegas’s Boyfriend, Jinsu

Im just learning about it too, but here is what I heard happen:

Jinsu ( a young rapper/ singer ) who is dating Jasmine Villegas ( a young singer ). Most people are saying ( this is what I believe ) that fans started it by arguing about weather Jasmine or Selena Gomez was a better singer. Jinsu defended his girlfriend by saying he thinks that she is a better singer. So Justin Bieber fans started acting very rude by going to twitter and calling Jinsu a Ni**er (the N word) and other really rude things about him being Black and how he is only somewhat popular because of  Jasmine Villegas. Then Justin Bieber wrote on twitter, Some people just want attention. go sell some records bro lol and maybe get some followers without my name in theirs before talking. Jinsu then called Justin a little boy and some other stuff. My feelings on it is that Jinsu was defending his girlfriend which he should be doing, but for him to get into a argument between fans was very stupid of him. Justin Biebers fans are extreamly rude and need some help, Im 19 and I have had some really hard crushes on stars in the pass but never have I ever felt the need to be rude to anybody else because of it. Im all for freedom of speech but I feel that Twitter, Parents and Justin Bieber really needs to watch these fan girls. If something like that is happening and Twitter can see what is being said they should delete the pages, parents should but blockers on their kids computers to stop words like that from being used/ watch what they are doing and Justin Bieber should let his fans know that what they are doSo it seems like World War III in the Twitterverse with Justin and Jinsu, Jasmine Villegas’ current boyfriend, repeatedly calling each other out. Basically Jinsu doesn’t respect Justin or Selena because he thinks Justin is a punk and that Selena isn’t as talented as Jasmine. Jinsu is saying that jasmine is about to take over and Selena is goin to have to sit down and watch.And Justin doesn’t like Jinsu because he talks so much crap, is always trying to stir the pot and get attention, and isn’t that talented.justin says that hes just tryin to get attention and says a smart *** comment back by saying he needs to go sell some records and get some followers on twitter without justins name in them before he starts talkining is not cool. As for what Justin said back to Jinsu I feel the same as I do with Jinsu, he was defending his girl and thats what he should be doing.

Well, everyone started saying that Jasmine will be so much more famous & successful than Selena is. Then her fans, of course, backed Selena up. They said that Jasmine has NO talent, she wouldnt have been famous right now if she wasnt in Justins video. Then comes in Jinsu. Of course, HE backs his girlfriend up. Then Selenas fans started to get mad at Jinsu and call him names and crap. Then Justin saw what Jinsu said, and of course, he defended his girlfriend. Honestly, I think Jinsu just needs to stay out of it and calm down. Justin deleted his tweets to Jinsu, so you cant see them now.

Everyone is saying that Jasmine will be better than Selena in the future and be WAY bigger than Selena is right now. Then Selena fans came along and started saying Jasmine has no talent, she wouldnt be famous right now if she wasnt in the Baby music video and that Jasmine is ugly and she wont ever be big like Selena.. ever. And then Jinsu Jasmines boyfriend came along.. and defended his girlfriend then it caused a huge ruckus.. then Selena fans started calling Jinsu a bunch of mean names like the n word.. he looks like a ape.. he wouldnt be famous right now if it werent for Jasmine.. he sings/raps like crap it sounds like diarrhea coming out of a a** and that he is jealous of Justin Bieber that he dated Jasmine. Then Justin saw what Jinsu was saying because he was talking bad about Selena Gomez and defending Jasmine then Justin started talking saying Some people just want attention. go sell some records bro lol and and maybe get some followers without my name in theirs before talking. because all of Jinsus followers are Justin Bieber fans and Jasmine fans so Justin is saying he doesnt have any fans pretty much lol. And then Jinsu started calling Justin Bieber a little boy and all of that. Its just annoying. Jinsu shouldnt be talking Justin Bieber is a lot better than him cause if it werent for Jasmine no one would know who he is. Justin worked for where he wanted to be in life.. all Jinsu is doing is talking crap behind a computer screen to Justin Bieber fans and Justin Bieber and acting like he has fans and that he has a gazillion albums out and is very famous.. thats how hes acting right now on Twitter. Hes not acting his age.


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